What is the REST API?

The Fone Dynamics REST API allows you to programmatic access to your Fone Dynamics account and services. We support exploring and configuring aspects of your existing number structure, browsing available numbers and acquiring them in just a couple of authenticated requests.

Base URL

All requests have the following base: https://api.fonedynamics.com/v2

To increase security between our endpoints, we require HTTPS and will reject all non-SSL requests.


Authentication is performed on each request using basic authentication, you can authorise in one of two ways:

Account Level - With the username as your Account SID and the password as your API Token.
Project Level - With the username as your Property SID and the password as your Project API Token.

Account level will provide you access to a full range of calls across all projects, project level access provides access only to the project making the query and will be unable to make calls for other projects in the account.

Wholesalers should take special care to have end users use project level tokens and never the account API token to end users.

To obtain an API Token, please contact us or login to the platform to find your token, you must have integrations permission enabled for your user.

Authorization Header

Authorization: BASIC {TOKEN}

where {TOKEN} is base64-encoded “Account SID:Account Token” without quotes.



Error codes and messages