Near real-time insights for fast, informed decisions

Track performance across online and offline marketing channels.

Understand and optimise your voice communication and campaigns

For managers, marketers, agencies, wholesalers and resellers, it is important to track and analyse incoming calls to optimise operational performance, marketing effectiveness and customer experience. Now you can.

By applying unique codes to each number, Fone Dynamics enables accurate real-time call tracking that is accessible either via reporting dashboards within our self-service management portal or by integrating tracking directly into your own marketing or analytics systems.

Experience the benefits

Understand what activities are driving results and optimise performance

Generate granular near real-time visual graphs to support decision making

Gain insights into all marketing channels, not just digital

Static call tracking

Detailed tracking and reporting come standard with all our static (permanent) inbound numbers. This enables you to measure incoming calls from phone numbers that you promote across channels such as print, outdoor advertising or digital.

Rather than simply accessing raw call logs, you can generate easy-to-read graphs and charts in the portal covering a wide range of call information such as date, source, campaign, duration, numbers called, ring time, answered/missed, routing selections and more to help assess and inform marketing and operational activities.

Dynamic call tracking

For advanced, granular reporting across your digital activity, dynamic call tracking enables you to measure calls you receive from your digital marketing. This gives you a 360-degree view of incoming calls generated from campaign landing pages with the ability to filter down to the source such as emails, social media, organic search or paid media.

Our system automatically generates a specific phone number for each customer visit to specified landing pages. This enables you to see precisely where a call originated from and measure calls, leads and revenue by channel, including through integration with your current systems.

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