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Easily set up and manage local, 13, 1300, 1800, international toll free, mobile numbers and Phonewords.

Stand out with memorable numbers and a superior customer experience

We deliver an end-to-end suite of inbound communications solutions that are simple, affordable, flexible and built to scale.

With advanced call tracking, your business can combine deep data and analytics to drive better sales and marketing decisions, all from one easy-to-use management portal.

Experience the benefits

Single point of contact

Create a seamless call experience with one easily recognisable phone number

Quick and easy set-up

Let us set up your inbound numbers instantly without any unnecessary expensive equipment or extra phone lines

Use dynamic numbers

Track calls like you track clicks to discover which campaigns are making the phone ring

Drive internal productivity

Redirect calls based on time, day or location to ensure you never miss another opportunity to connect

Types of business numbers

Get the perfect number, and management tools, to streamline customer experiences, increase efficiency and enhance your brand locally, nationally or internationally.

Local numbers

Offer customers the trust and convenience of a local number and a call rate or establish a local presence in a new area by setting up virtual numbers. Local numbers have a familiar state prefix such as (02) or (08) and can be routed to any recipient in your business.

1300 numbers

If you have a national footprint or advertise nationally, a 1300 number gives you a consistent 10-digit number with fixed standard rates that can be promoted Australia-wide.

13 numbers

Ideal for local marketing and sales campaigns, a 13 number gives you a 6-digit local call number that is easy for your customers to remember, and they can call your business for a fixed charge from anywhere in the country.

1800 numbers

1800 numbers allow your customers to call you toll-free (free of charge) from any fixed line in Australia. 0800 numbers (New Zealand) allow your customers to call you toll-free from any fixed line in New Zealand, allowing you to reach more customers and enhance your business’s footprint.

International toll-free

If you take global enquiries, our toll-free numbers allow international customers to call you at no charge to them. For example, an overseas caller can dial a familiar number they can trust, and their call will redirect to your Australian office.

Mobile numbers

By setting up virtual mobile numbers for your team, rather than using personal ones, your business maintains control of that number even if staff move roles or leave the business. You can also route calls via your online portal, redirect calls to any number and apply intelligent call routing. We can also activate SMS so customers can text or call using the same number.


By spelling out a word or pattern to represent your phone number – like 1300 PROFIT or 1800 FONEDYNAMICS – you can provide a differentiated branding tool across multiple channels. Being more memorable, Phonewords help boost brand awareness and can improve the effectiveness of marketing to drive more engagement, leads and sales.

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