Enterprise-grade voice solutions for businesses of all sizes

Cloud-based platform ideal for businesses with high customer call volumes.

Reach new customers and never let a call go unanswered

Outbound and inbound voice calls remain key pillars of sales, marketing, service, customer experience and support, but too often they are disconnected from digital platforms. Now you can hit your operational and customer experience goals with an integrated voice platform that helps you track performance.

Scalable, customisable and highly available, our cloud-based voice suite is ideal for businesses of all sizes from SMEs up to enterprise call centres managing high call volumes in sectors such as financial services, retail, ecommerce and professional services.

Our powerful self-service management portal enables you to manage inbound phone numbers, campaigns, analytics and reporting in near real-time from anywhere. As a result, you can enhance your brand, streamline customer experiences and improve operational efficiencies.

Experience the benefits

Ultra-competitive pricing with value-adds

Intuitive drag-and-drop call routing flow designer

Built to scale and able to handle huge volumes

Fast, simple setup and ongoing management

Flexibility to integrate with your existing systems

Ability to track and optimise your marketing ROI

Stable and resilient network with zero spam tolerance

White label growth partner of wholesalers and resellers

Voice solutions

Inbound voice

Our inbound voice solutions help you make it easier for your customers to contact you. We offer and manage inbound numbers including local, 13, 1300, 1800, mobile numbers and Phonewords. You can also choose from our suite of value-added tracking, analytics, reporting, integration and call-handling services.

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Outbound voice

Our outbound voice solutions help you optimise how your business makes calls externally. Rather than using traditional phone lines, which can be expensive and restrictive, voice calls over the internet operate between computers, mobiles and traditional phone systems.

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Additional voice offerings

Call tracking and analytics

With Fone Dynamics you'll be able to self-manage inbound voice phone numbers, campaigns, analytics and reporting in real-time from anywhere. Accurately track static and dynamic numbers with a suite of analytics dashboards and reporting tools.

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Intelligent call handling

Fone Dynamic’s self-service management portal puts the power at your fingertips to manage your communications call routing and analytics in near real-time from anywhere. With our drag-and-drop flow designer you are empowered to take full control of your caller experience.

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Business numbers

Make it easy for customers to contact you with memorable business numbers that can be used Australia-wide. We make it easy for businesses to set up, import and manage inbound phone numbers including local, 13, 1300, 1800, mobile numbers and Phonewords.

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